How to apply vinyl

So you have an awesome new decal that you want to make sure goes on correct and as we know we only get once chance, right?  Here are 4 very simple simple steps that will ensure a proper stick!

Two helpful hints before getting started:
  • You should try to work indoors if possible to avoid flying debris and wind.  There’s nothing worse than getting all ready to stick your new decal to have it set sail in the wind and end up sticking to itself.   
  • Wash your hands well before starting to avoid depositing oil from your hands onto the vinyl.
Now onto the simple steps:

Clean the window or surface thoroughly with a mild cleanser ensuring there are no debris or oily residues.  Allow to air dry.

Peel off the backing layer CAREFULLY from the decal –  allowing the clear transfer layer to remain.

Apply your decal on the surface by pressing first in the middle and using a credit card to gently rub from inside out.  Use your finger tip to firmly rub all vinyl areas to ensure a secure bond to surface.

Remove the clear transfer layer by peeling off starting from the corner, allowing the vinyl decal to remain.

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